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BGD Adam 2

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The ADAM has always been and remains a popular glider all around the world. It has taken the R&D team a long time to update this classic, because any replacement had to be better than the original without losing that much-loved character. The ADAM 2 is a whole new design, and it is even safer and more comfortable to fly. It is easier to launch and has longer brake travel so it’s safer at slow speeds and easy to land. Bruce’s son Tyr learned to fly on the original ADAM, and our benchmark for safety is still: “safe enough for your child to learn on”. The ADAM 2 has two more cells than the original, now 36. The aspect ratio is also a bit higher at 4.8 compared to the original’s 4.5. We decided to make it in five sizes, adding an XS to the range. We often get requests for smaller gliders for youngsters and lighter pilots, and the XS is certified from just 50kg all up.







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