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BGD Epic Freestyle

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Master your stalls, spins, SATs and Heli then move onto the transitions, like Spin to Heli, SAT to Heli. Dance, Misty and Mactwist your way around the sky and then easily thermal back up to do it all again.

EPIC FREESTYLE can do the manoeuvres and the transitions but its real beauty, and the reason instructors love it so much, is that it’s really forgiving. It will let you explore and master all these things, but will save your butt if you get the timing a bit wrong. It looks after you by behaving like any other EN-B if you get your timings wrong, and stops shooting before it goes too far.

The EPIC FREESTYLE is the wild child of the original Epic, much loved by acro and SIV instructors as the perfect wing to learn freestyle, acro manoeuvres and fly XC on. We brought it back with bells on. No shrinking violet, it’s feisty in pink and is for all pilots looking for a safe, forgiving and energetic wing to cut their freestyle teeth on. It’s your new best mate, egging you on to be as wild as you dare but keeping you out of sticky situations. It likes you to think it’s a fearless devil, but inside it’s still a safe, versatile, and friendly “easy EN-B”.





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